Nos artistes genevois des 30 derniers jours

Adieu Gary Cooper [GE] - Solitaire Volontaire

Cosmic Fields [GE] - L.A. Disco

Cosmic Fields [GE] - Melophonia

Cosmic Fields [GE] - Renegade


Danitsa [GE] - Mr Business [Vostok Defrichage]

Darkine [GE] - Don't let me fall

Darkine [GE] - Sunny Day

Dog Almond [GE] - Dull knife

Dog Almond [GE] - The Running Man

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Bounty Beach

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Frelon

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Marmara

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Mexico

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Ride My Bike

Duck Duck Grey Duck [GE] - Sweet Sweat

Eugène [GE] - Ariane [Vostok Defrichage]

Felicien LiA [GE] - Brasero

Hyperculte [GE] - Choléra

Hyperculte [GE] - Résigné

Hyperculte [GE] - Temps Mort [Vostok Defrichage]

Ideal Brut [GE] - Nigels (Featuring Pascal Gravat)

Jerrycan [GE] - Pampa

Kaceo [GE] - Douze quatrains

Last Minute Panic [GE] - Poison

Le Roi Angus [GE] - Tout ça [Vostok Defrichage]

LiA [GE] - Lâche-moi

LiA [GE] - Quand l'Homme s'endort

Lipka [GE] - Bottle (feat. Danitsa)

Magic & Naked [GE] - A Casual Warning

Magic & Naked [GE] - All I Want To Do

Magic & Naked [GE] - Bring Me the Moon

Magic & Naked [GE] - Pictures of an imaginary desert

Magic and naked [GE] - Reach Me By Phone

Makala [GE] - Ginger Juice

Mama Rosin / Honshu Wolves [GE] - Homegoing

Melissa Kassab [GE] - Nightjar

Mr Dame [GE] - Le Lac

Polar [GE] - I Want Your Soul

Purpur spytt [GE] - Limp

Quiet Island [GE] - Andersen's Fair

Quiet Island [GE] - Ante Meridiem [radio edit]

Quiet Island [GE] - Downtown

Regis X Chateau Ghetto [GE] - Contre toi

Regis [GE] - Marche

Regis [GE] - Pas L'Esprit Clair

Rekording [GE] - Josh Stoned

Somogo [GE] - Trick

Staches, The [GE] - Fake stomach ach

Technicolor Orchestra [GE] - Broke In A Bug House

Ten Second Mile [GE] - Transistor GIrl

The Animen [GE] - At War

The Chikitas [GE] - Hell Heaven Eleven

The Crags [GE] - Frequency

The Crags [GE] - Overgrown

The Crags [GE] - Universal Part OF Love

The Monkberry Moon Orchestra [GE] - - Nadeje

The Rebels of Tijuana [GE] - Erotique

The Staches [GE] - Left Shoulder

The Staches [GE] - Plastic

The Staches [GE] - Space Is A Lover

Transistor Girl [GE] - Weak As I Am (Radio Edit)

Tunksten [GE] - Ignorance idol and stamp

Vsitor [GE] - Pheromones

Young Gods, The [GE] - Figure Sans Nom

Young Gods, The [GE] - Figure sans nom [Vostok Defrichage] [radio edit]

orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp [GE] - It Looked Shorter On The Map

orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp [GE] - The sheep That Said Moo